In its over 25 years of operations and with a consolidated staff Fundición de Hélices Marinas has assembled a team with considerable experience in the manufacture of ship propellers. It also carries out the maintenance and repair of marine propellers and provides this service in particular to the Spanish and French fishing sectors.

Dimensional checking and balancing

So as to be able to satisfy the demand of both the Spanish and French fishing sectors, we offer a service of the dimensional checking and balancing of the propellers installed in their ships and also carry out any repairs which may be found to be necessary during the check.

Reverse engineering

This section is devoted to those shipowners who aim to obtain a propeller like the one they have installed but lack the plans for its manufacture.

Fundición de Hélices Marinas gives them the option of obtaining the dimensional parameters of the propeller by scanning 100% of the surface and thus avoiding the design costs of a new propeller.